How can you prepare your skin for cold weather?

To help it face up to falling temperatures, bad weather and dry, tight-feeling skin, your face needs a revitalising boost to ensure a smooth seasonal transition. Essential oils, diet and natural skin care can help your epidermis deal with the trials and tribulations of the season.

 Moisturise your skin deep down

From your face to your fingertips, moisturising skin care products are your best allies. A weekly exfoliation will help to boost the penetration of these products. Set aside some time each week to apply a moisturising face mask. Trust the super moisturising power of essential oil of neroli in the moisturising Aromessence Néroli oil-serum, together with botanical oil of hazelnut and essential oils of sandalwood and petitgrain.

 Water, water and more water

To drink, of course, but also in the air. Use an air humidifier or place a bowl of water on top of a radiator to stop the air in your home from drying out your skin even more. Add a few drops of soothing essential oil of lavender to the water.

 Nourish your skin

Eating on the move, snacking and winter indulgences have a drastic effect on the skin’s comfort, reflecting what is happening inside. So it’s time to add some feel-good foods to the menu. Some vitamin A to combat dry skin (liver, eggs, butter, yellow and red vegetables). Some minerals, such as zinc to boost elastin and collagen (oysters and sea food, liver, meat, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, wheat germ and cocoa). Essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 and omega 6. Not forgetting fruit and vegetables, to fill your plate with antioxidants and concoct recipes for beautiful skin.




General Tips & Information

Beauty in slow mode

We want to be beautiful. But we want to feel good too – in harmony with both our image and our environment. A return to natural beauty. The age of slow beauty has arrived.

It is nothing new, human beings have been engaged in a quest for beauty since the beginning of time. Drawn by the lure of beauty in general as well as their own personal beauty. However, demands have increased in recent years. It is not enough to simply be handsome or beautiful, we need to be youthful, slim and fit as well. Over time, this constant pressure becomes exhausting. And more often than not, loses its meaning. It is time to remind ourselves that respect is an essential foundation for beauty. Starting with respect for yourself. Embracing a philosophy for life and well-being inspired by slow food.

A return to natural skin care

We are rediscovering the pleasure of creating our own skin care potions, of reclaiming control of our beauty, relearning our own techniques by tuning in to our wishes, desires and needs. Skin, your skin, knows best what it needs: calm attention, gentle movements, a focus on quality of products rather than quantity.

 Harnessing the intelligence of plants

And as this respect for yourself naturally leads to respect for nature, we are rediscovering all of nature’s benefits. Science has now confirmed plants' amazing intelligence. From essential oils to botanical oils, aloe vera, hydrolats, floral waters, aromatherapy and phytotherapy, we are experiencing the joy of rediscovering all the treasures and gifts that nature and our senses are capable of conveying. We are reclaiming control as part of a holistic approach, supported by professionals such as naturopaths who consider the complete picture, from physical aspects to emotions, to devise a beauty programme that switches the emphasis from fighting against to working to

Cranberry Oil

This small fruit native to North America is a true concentrate of culinary and cosmetic benefits. Its multi-purpose oil is ideal for pampering all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The cranberry is grown only in the northern hemisphere, mainly in the United States and Canada. Widely appreciated in these regions for many years, its consumption has become more widespread in Europe over the past fifteen years or so.

Its berries are harvested in early autumn and processed to make juice, sauce, oil or food supplements. Cranberry oil is derived from the first cold pressing of the seeds and is used in extract form in cosmetic products or food seasonings.

The ultimate regenerating oil

A real shield against the cold, cranberry oil helps the driest skin. As well as having a softening effect on the epidermis, it also helps to alleviate minor irritations. Its balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 makes it a perfect anti-inflammatory oil and one of the most effective emollient oils. In addition, its rich vitamin E content gives it a strong antioxidant power, making it a perfect ally for mature sensitive skin. Its benefits are also used in dietary supplements to boost the epidermis and restore hair strength.

An antioxidant on the table

Cranberry is highly appreciated and in different forms, in particular in the United States, where it is even the star berry served with the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. It can be processed to make a delicious jam, sauce or an oil to season salads and raw vegetables. It is also found in a vitamin C-rich juice, an ideal breakfast choice thanks to its antioxidant and invigorating properties. A delicious taste with an added health benefit.

Essential oils for use around the home

Most essential oils have purifying properties, offering a whole range of natural powers to enhance your home life. Ideal for the winter season.

Wake up your sense of smell

Animals are not the only ones to hibernate. In cold weather, we too prefer to hide away in our cosy homes. Diffusing essential oils that stimulate our sense of smell can make these cocooning moments even sweeter and more serene. Best of all, as well as their pleasant fragrances and effectiveness in masking unpleasant cooking or cigarette smoke odours, essential oils also help to purify our environment during a peak period for viruses and other winter ailments. Which oils with these star qualities should you circulate using an electric diffuser, a pebble or by pouring a few drops onto a ceramic dish? Opt for bergamot, sweet orange or true lavender essential oils.

Excite the taste buds

More and more chefs are opting for essential oils in combination with various dishes. The main attraction is the ability to conjure up warm, summery and vibrant flavours in the depths of winter. Rather than bland basil or peppermint leaves from greenhouses, add one or two drops of essential oil to your culinary creations, from salad dressings to desserts, to transform your recipes. They also make ideal substitutes for dried aromatic herbs, thyme, tarragon or sage. One drop of essential oil is equivalent to around 10 grams of fresh herbs. Always opt for 100% pure and natural versions, making sure that they are perfectly edible if you plan to consume them.

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