Executive Board

 Dr. P. K. Mothemo - Group CFO

Joined  in October 2009 to Head up the Finance Department. She has over 25 years experience in the field of Financial Administration. Presently holds a CIMA,  MFA and DFA.

E-mail: finance@alte.co.za

A Sanker  - Vice President: South Africa

The head of all operations in South Africa and is based in Gauteng. She presently runs the distribution, retail and Head office outlet in Gauteng. The various branches in Cape Town , KZN and Limpopo  are run by Assistant VP’s and they all report to her.  She is a Certified Beautician and Massage Therapist and presently studying her PHD.

Dr. M. Muamba— Vice President: Africa

Joined the group in October 2010 in Sales and Marketing and was promoted to Vice President Africa in June 2014. He has over 15 years experience in these fields and started his career in Congo were he made a success of promoting and building the Pharmaceutical Industry within various countries. Holds a Degree in Sales & Marketing Management and PHD in Pharmacology.

Dr. P. Munshi  - Vice President: Product and Procurement

Over 53 years of Operational and Administration experience in Retail Beauty, Spa’s, Cosmetics and Clothing industries. She presently holds a Masters in Beauty and Health care and PHD in Business Affairs.


E-mail: asanker@alte.co.za

E-mail: africa@alte.co.za

E-mail: product@alte.co.za

Dr. T. Torrino  - President: China

Years of experience & knowledge, locally, nationally and internationally. He holds a Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery and is presently studying towards specialization in Plastic Surgery. He presently studies oversees and runs the Chinese production & operation outlet’s.

Dr. F. W. Bernstein — Vice President  Europe & Asia

Presently overseeing the entire European market and retail outlets. He has over 28 years experience and is co-founder for ALTe’ Group. He holds a PHD in Chemistry and Doctorate in Product Research.

E-mail: europe@alte.co.za

E-mail: president@alte.co.za




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